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Quarried Granite Bird Bath Handcrafted, FREE UPS Shipping, Eight Different Sizes


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ï»żWe're going back to our roots with these large granite bird baths and you will never need to replace them. Using locally quarried granite, we carve a deeper and wider pool to accommodate some small features such as heaters and solar bubblers. 

These will not be harmed by freezing!

Most of these beauties are more than twenty pounds, some upwards of one hundred pounds. Special shipping and receiving considerations may need to be made for the larger stones.

If you're looking for a specific size, shape, or color to fit your site, please reach out to us, we always have a variety of stone on hand, including some finished pieces.

  • Email us if you are looking for a certain color or shape.
  • Time to ship is currently 1 to 3 Days
  • Handmade in New Hampshire by Steve and the Boys.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 83 reviews
    Carol G. (Massachusetts)
    Love my cute granite birdbath!

    I asked for a irregular shaped one and got it! I clean it daily and that is easy to do. So far I haven't seen any birds or other creatures using it, but I understand it takes time. At least I know I am providing a little water for them. (I added the rock so bees have something to stand on.)

    Dorian N. (California)
    Dorian's Bird Bath

    I love my bird bath! I emailed Dancing with Stones thanking them for sharing a piece of the Granite State with me here in CA. Really a eautiful addition to my garden!

    Lee-Anne F. (Maine)
    We love it!

    Our new granite bird bath looks wonderful on top of our exposed ledge. It’s beautifully crafted and is just what we have been looking for over the years. The birds haven’t found it yet, but they have already been enjoying the second bird bath we purchased at the same time. This one is a smaller - a beautifully shaped and carved river rock. We love them both. Thank you!

    LoisPasternack (New York)
    Quarried bird bath gets an A+!

    My new birdbath is beautiful, just the right size. The granite is a beautiful mix of grays and white, as requested. The packaging was incredibly secure and meticulous.
    Just waiting for the birds to find it. I can’t put out birdseed to lure them in because we have a bear that has made repeated visits to my neighborhood looking for bird feed. Patience

    Linda J. (Tennessee)

    Our 18” granite birdbath is so very beautiful. We are so pleased with the workmanship, quality and quick shipment. We were amazed at the abundant packing for safe shipping. As well, they (Steve) was very prompt in responding to our questions. Couldn’t be more pleased personally and excited for our birds special treat besides the enhanced beauty to my garden. Thanks for a job well done. If you don’t get one of these birdbaths youl are missing out on something very special!!! 😊

    Michael K. (Maryland)
    The Crowning Jewel

    We absolutely love our bird bath stone. It is the crowning jewel for our small garden. It gives a touch of class while maintaining the natural look of the area. It provides a nice pop of color in the midst of the greenery, especially when the sun hits it. All aspects of dealing with Dances With Stones were top notch,

    JC (New Hampshire)
    Great additions to the garden

    Purchased a granite bath and riverstone bath - really pleased with them both. Very quick delivery.

    Customer (Minnesota)
    Love it!

    The birds prefer it over my raised bird bath and I have attracted a much wider variety! I was looking for something that would help out the for legged creatures as well. With the heat and dryness that is becoming common it is perfect to help them out. It is the favorite thing about my yard!

    Lady G.
    A joyful addition

    Both granite and river stone birdbaths are a true craftsmanship. I did not realize how much heavier the granite one would be :)
    The material is what I was looking for - perfect. Hard to describe. That is why I am including both a picture and a video. The birds just love it.
    The baths were very well packaged. The shipping was super fast. Will be ordering more.

    Harriet N. (New Jersey)
    Just beautiful

    The granite birdbath is a gorgeous addition to our garden! It was carefully packed for shipping, looked just as lovely in person as online, and the birds love it! We couldn’t be more pleased!