About Us

Thanks for getting this deep!
I’m Steve Green and my best days are the days when it all goes like a dance. Sometimes I lead, sometimes the stone leads, mostly it’s an improvisation, and it’s always changing.
I began working with stone in 1994 by researching and making a torch to carve stone . . . yup, that's right, I carve stone with fire. Since then I've purchased more tools than you can shake a stick at and made quite a few as well. Most of the tools are designed to remove stone or as I like to say, “Make the stone smaller”. After a few years of making and selling things, I decided to make a go of it full time and in 1997, bought a piece of land for a home and shop/studio and got to work. Since then, I raised three sons while making monuments to fallen soldiers; headstones for farmers; spiral staircases inside castles; many sculptures — large and small; enormous fountains, small fountains, and more fountains; I’ve made benches of all sizes; a few fireplaces;  some very cool stone walls. Now, for the most part, I make the things you see on these pages.
So now it's been twenty five plus years and I'm still having fun with it all. I find a rock, look it over, decide what to do with it . . . grab some tools and get to work. I hope you enjoy my work half as much as I enjoy making it!
- Stephen Green, sculptor