Frequently Asked Questions

Discount Codes??

We have no discount codes . . . and yet, it appears as though some vendors of coupons will pretend we do. Any offers for discounts that you may see offered online are phoney baloney!


Can I visit the shop? 

Please, please, please, NOT WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT!!!

We have no retail setup, our shop is set up to make and ship. The place is noisy, dusty, and most often, everything goes right in a box as we do our best to keep up with orders. 

Also, if you google 'The Paradox of Choice', you will see what visitors are faced with when they come here. Tell me what you want and let me do the picking ; )


Will you send photos of individual birdbaths I can choose from?


We discovered long ago that providing photos of stones for approval purposes creates a terrible bottleneck in the system and shipping grinds to a halt. The system we came up with after much experimentation is to place a wide variety of pictures online and ask you to use them as a guide when asking for something in particular. We are happy to take any and all direction in choosing stones for you.


Can I get a river stone bird bath that is 16" or bigger?

Our river stones are very rarely that big! This is one reason why we started selling the Quarried Bird Baths.


Are measurements of bird bath the entire stone or just inside bath itself?

With the river stone baths, the dimensions are for the stones . . . mostly.

With the quarried baths, the dimensions are of the bath . . . mostly.

Mostly, because each stone is unique and surprises happen.


Do you have a retail location?

We do not have a retail shop per se. During slower periods, when we may have an inventory to look through, we do entertain customers every now and again, by appointment only. (Seriously, please make an appointment, for several reasons, you are not welcome here uninvited!!!)


Can I fit a solar fountain, bubbler or heater in my river stone birdbath?

 I have yet to see a bubbler that will fit in even the largest rivers stone. This is another reason for the Quarried Bird Baths.


Why was I provided two small stones with my birdbath?

The two small stones you receive in the box are shims to help find the sweet spot where the bath holds the most water. Together with the bath, they act as a tripod of sorts, very adjustable, and flexible for any hard surface. Put the birdbath down, place the shims under, fill with water water, adjust shims, put a little more water in, adjust, add, adjust, add, and done.


My birds are not using the birdbath, what should I do?

Move the birdbaths around and wait several days. It sometimes takes time for the birds to find them. You may want to place birdbaths close to trees, bushes and flowers where they feel safe and have a quick getaway.  As a last resort, bait them with bird seed around the birdbath. 


How do I clean my birdbath?

The birdbaths are super easy to clean and how you clean it will depend on what makes you comfortable. Wipe down your birdbath with a cleaner, put it in the dishwasher, rinse and clean it with soap and water, or bleach it and rinse it very well! 


Will this crack in winter when it freezes?

I reject a stone if I notice a crack that I think will grow worse in freezing temperatures. I do believe that all the stones we send out will survive for quite some time in all conditions.