Handmade Natural Riverstone Bird Bath for Balcony, Patio, Garden or Yard

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You just might enjoy this riverstone birdbath more than your birds! The shallow pool is perfect for birds to drink and bathe. Each stone used to make a birdbath is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind river rock carved by nature and handmade right here in New Hampshire. This listing is for one (1) birdbath which measures approximately 9-11”L x 7-10”W x 2-4” H.

A stone bird bath is a great addition to your garden, yard, patio or balcony. It will make a great gift for your bird friends, your people friends, or even yourself. ; )

Due to the uniqueness of every stone, each birdbath varies in shape, size and color. Your birdbath will be similar to what is pictured in this listing. Stone can be heavy. If you have lifting restrictions and need a lighter stone, please let us know in the special instructions found in the CART. If you are looking for something special, or have a favorite, please let us know in the notes found in the CART. We are happy to pick a stone just for you!

So here's the thing with the two small stones you'll get in the box, they are shims to help find the sweet spot where the bath holds the most water. Together with the bath, they act as a tripod of sorts, very adjustable, and flexible for any hard surface. Put the stone down, put the shims under, put water in, adjust shims, put a little more water in, adjust, add, adjust, add, and done.

  • Shipping time is currently 1 - 2 Days
  • Handmade in New Hampshire by sculptor Steve Green
  • Measures approximately 9-11" L x 7-10" W x 2-4" H
  • Includes one (1) birdbath with two small stones to help level it if needed
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor decor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 527 reviews
Maureen B. (Massachusetts)
Elegant and beautiful

I’ve been looking for several years for a birdbath. I happened to see an ad for Dances with Stones, and looking at the pictures decided to make a purchase. I put the river stone bath down on the ground and as I put the shims stones in place it seemed the birds were already coming over to see what was happening. Very shortly after I put the water in, the first birds came to drink and soon after to bathe even though it’s cold here in New England. This has been a wonderful purchase. Easy to fill, clean and move. I couldn’t be happier. And the birds are happy!

Ronna G. (Maine)
Better than expected

I’ve wanted one of the wildlife stone water bowls for some time now.Knowing the one I ordered was a bit deeper for more water capacity made my decision. I knew they are all different, but the one I was sent is so beautiful. Next one I order will be a size up .

Suzanne M. (New York)
A beautiful and unique gift!

I have purchased two of the large river stone bird baths so far. I love mine and my sisters loves hers too! They are so different and unique!

Kay D. (New York)
There's a Riverstone in my garden

It's a small birdbath that sits near the statue of the Buddha. In time the birds will enjoy it, but for now it gives me pleasure whenever I see it. It's the right size and weight for me to handle if I need to rearrange things.
I love it. If my plans for my garden work out, I may well be back for a larger one.
Thank you.
Kay D.

Louise H. (Texas)
Really love this!

So glad I purchased this, it’s so lovely ! Flawless but utterly natural at the same time.

Melissa C.
Beautiful gift

I gifted a beautiful stone birdbath to a friend in North Carolina, who is from New Hampshire. Unfortunately, she didn’t know what it was and it was using it in her living room. Perhaps including a card explaining the intent of the bowl would be helpful.

Donna F. (Texas)
Received as a Birthday Gift!!!

AND my backyard birds LOVE it. I got a photo of a robin perched on the edge and drinking within days of putting it out on my gazebo steps. Lovely!!

Becky C. (North Carolina)

It took a few weeks before I found the correct setup to make the birds comfortable enough to visit . Today I was thrilled to see two sparrows enjoy the cool water on this 90• degree day!

Customer (Texas)
The Birds & the Deer love the stones

Birds & Deer stop by everyday for a drink from my rock garden, which includes three of these beautiful, unique rock bowls.

S.S. (California)
Gorgeous bird bath stone

I am so happy with the stone I received. There's a bit of trust involved in making this purchase as each stone is hand picked. Make sure you provide guidance around color and shape so the company can do their best to select something that matches your vision. The bird bowl I received is a light brown and rounded (no harsh corners) as I asked for....it's beautiful and I can't wait to get it out into the garden and have the birds come and visit.