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Handmade Little Rock Toothbrush Holder


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Small size, perfect for small spaces. Made of natural stone. Easy to wash and keep clean. Bacteria thrive easily in dark, damp places. The Little Rock Toothbrush holder solves this problem by letting your toothbrush head dry naturally . . . a more hygienic way to store your toothbrush. Fifteen years ago I made some of these for my boys and me. . . we still use them. They are easy to keep clean! These are natural stones, each rock will vary slightly from what's pictured.

Due to the uniqueness of every stone, each holder/stand will vary slightly in shape, size and color. Your holder/stand will resemble and be similar to the ones pictured in this listing. please let us know in the special instructions as you are checking out. 

  • Handmade in New Hampshire, USA by sculptor Steve Green
  • Crafted from natural stone
  • Measures approximately:
    • 1.5- 2" L x 1.5-2" W x .5-.75" H
    • hole diameter: 5/8" inches

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Customer Reviews

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Kristin (Massachusetts)
Great unique bathroom essential!

We love the toothbrush holder stones and appreciate the gift extra that came with them! Thank you!

I've been looking for a better toothbrush holder solution...

I've been looking for a better toothbrush holder solution and this is it. Thank you!