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Create a spectacular vista with these raw, natural granite aquarium stones. Locally sourced in New Hampshire and hand chiseled, each rock is unique. The geometric aquarium stones are perfect for showcasing the beauty and elegance of your fish or reptile tank. The sparkle of the quartz and other crystals/minerals that make up granite are aesthetically pleasing for any aquascape or landscape including: igwami, Dutch, nano, nature aquariums; animal vivariums; and plant terrariums. Each set contains a little over 5 lbs of stone for your tank. 

Due to the uniqueness of every stone, each stone will vary slightly in shape and size. Your stones will resemble and be similar to the ones pictured in this listing. If you are looking for something special, please let us know in the special instructions as you are checking out.

  • Handmade in New Hampshire by sculptor Steve Green
  • Chiseled from non-hazardous, tank-safe, raw natural granite (small pieces of stone may rub off when touched — this is normal)
  • Receive slightly over 5 lbs. of mixed rock sizes
  • Photographed stones were measured out for the dimensions of a 10 gallon tank
  • Contact us for customization

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Awesome quality, quick shipping, super beautiful pieces!