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Select Birdbaths | Natural Stone Bowl

Dances With Stone

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These stones truly stand above the rest! They are a bit larger than our garden variety baths and have a smoother, more pristine exterior finish. They hold more water than our $99 baths and not only add a new dimension to your yard, but continuously give your local (or seasonal!) birds and critters a safe and consistent place to freshen up.

Our baths are the perfect medium between you and your birds, backyard critters and oh-so important pollinators. And, if you're looking for a "special gift", e.g. housewarming/real estate closing gift, anniversary, retirement, etc, for you or a loved one, these will fit the bill.

These stones stand out, get our attention, and demand more attention from us . . .  we believe they are worth it. We hope you will too.

Due to the uniqueness of every stone, each birdbath/bowl will vary slightly in shape and size. Your birdbath/bowl will resemble and be similar to the ones pictured in this listing.
If you are looking for something special, please contact us.

So here's the thing with the two small stones you'll get in the box, they are shims to help find the sweet spot where the bath holds the most water. Together with the bath, they act as a tripod of sorts, very adjustable, and flexible for any hard surface. Put the stone down, put the shims under, put water in, adjust shims, put a little more water in, adjust, add, adjust, add, and done.

  • Lead time is currently 2 to 4 Days
  • Handmade in New Hampshire by sculptor Steve Green
  • Measures approximately 10-12" L x 8-11" W x 1.5-3" H
  • Can be used as indoor or outdoor decor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Elizabeth (Idaho)
Birds love it

I love my stone! It is a beautiful piece of yard art adding natural interest. I see gifts to my family in the future.

Deanna C. (Massachusetts)
Natural stone bowl

I really love it it is beautiful. I haven’t got to see it in use much yet we still have snow. Really looking forward to seeing it in use this Spring I put it inside an old cement bird bath and I love it in there. Thanks for a beautiful product

J.R. (Texas)
PERFECT! Beyond what I could have hoped for!

"This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! An artist who is passionate about his craft, loves working the work, and enjoys sharing his gift with others. I had an idea of what I was looking for, and Steve was wonderful interacting with to meet that request. He had nothing in stock, but quickly found the right stone and made a new one just for me! And fast! Took him maybe a day to make and then next thing I know I get a shipping notification. Within 1 week, I had a rustic, natural, bird bath for our neighborhood morning doves. Thank you!"

Kelly W. (Georgia)
Here Birdie Here

I purchased a stone birdbath from Dances with Stone for my partners birthday. The stone birdbath is exactly what was described and pictured. The smooth finish of the bowl is exceptionally crafted. Shipping was good and arrived on time. My partner, a big birdwatcher, loves its natural look and our local songbirds are over-joyed!

CT b. (Connecticut)
Great look and birds within 10 minutes

The two balancing stones did a perfect job of leveling the bowl and it looks freat sitting on a stump.

Opal A. (Virginia)
Fantastic Product

I have ordered 2 stones and love them both.
Looks great on my deck and the birds love it. I have shared your post to all my friends and recommended they get one too. 🥰❤

Tam (Florida)
Beautiful piece

This bird bath arrive so quickly and it’s stunning really beautiful colors and well-crafted

SALLY A. (Vermont)
Another great experience

This is my family’s new go to for special occasion gifts. I ordered one for my daughter’s birthday and she turned around and ordered one for her best friend’s wedding. They are that special!

Marlana (Georgia)
Perfect for my backyard birds

I had to drain my standard birdbath this year due to a feral cat sniping birds out of the bath so after doing research online about small stone bird baths, I stumbled upon Dances With Stone. I purchased the large size stone, oblong shaped and it sits perfectly atop of my 6’ fence so now my birds have a place to safely drink and bathe. My birds and I love it so much, the following day I ordered another. They’re unique and the perfect depth for birds to drink and cool off on a hot summer day.

BARRY (California)
Nice Natural Stone Bird-Bath

Very good quality stone that makes for a nice addition to my dry streambed layout. Great packing for safe delivery and I was all set to select a spot and compliment the bird bath with additional stones.