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Handmade Natural Riverstone Bird Bath for Balcony, Patio, Garden or Yard

Dances With Stone

Regular price $99.99

You just might enjoy this riverstone birdbath more than your birds! The shallow pool is perfect for birds to drink and bathe. Each stone used to make a birdbath is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind river rock carved by nature and handmade right here in New Hampshire. This listing is for one (1) birdbath which measures approximately 9-11”L x 7-10”W x 2-4” H.

A stone bird bath is a great addition to your garden, yard, patio or balcony. It will make a great gift for your bird friends, your people friends, or even yourself. ; )

Due to the uniqueness of every stone, each birdbath varies in shape, size and color. Your birdbath will be similar to what is pictured in this listing. Stone can be heavy. If you have lifting restrictions and need a lighter stone, please let us know in the special instructions found in the CART. If you are looking for something special, or have a favorite, please let us know in the notes found in the CART. We are happy to pick a stone just for you!

So here's the thing with the two small stones you'll get in the box, they are shims to help find the sweet spot where the bath holds the most water. Together with the bath, they act as a tripod of sorts, very adjustable, and flexible for any hard surface. Put the stone down, put the shims under, put water in, adjust shims, put a little more water in, adjust, add, adjust, add, and done.

  • Delivery time is currently 1 to 3 Days
  • Handmade in New Hampshire by sculptor Steve Green
  • Measures approximately 9-11" L x 7-10" W x 2-4" H
  • Includes one (1) birdbath with two small stones to help level it if needed
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor decor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
Tara (Oregon)
Love it!!

I requested a salt-and-pepper granite stone and I couldn't be happier with what turned up on my doorstep -- it's perfect as a water feature in my pollinator habitat front yard. Thank you Steve!!

A. (Rhode Island)
Fast and beautiful

Really appreciated how fast this arrived! And that DWS took the care to select one that matched our requested color and type of stone. It's gorgeous and the birds are starting to check it out. I know it will be crowded this summer!

Wendy S. (Pennsylvania)
The birds love it. We love it!

The bird bath is beautiful! I asked if I could have a greenish grey one that would match my stone wall. And they listened and delivered! I got the color I want! Thank you! It looks perfect on the low wall we have. The birds and the squirrels love it!
When it first arrived, I thought it was much smaller than I thought. (I ordered the $99 one.) The dimensions in the description says "approximately 9-11”L x 7-10”W x 2-4” H". They didn't lie. I measured the one I received. It measures 11.5" x 9" x 2". It's just that in my mind, 11" is a lot longer than it actually is. My bad!
My husband is already thinking getting another one down the road. Possibly a bigger one!

Patty T. (California)
Perfect Little Bird Bath

I've now purchased two of these stones and they are perfect little bird baths. I have a lot of finches and sparrows in my backyard and they love drinking and bathing in the stones.

Janet O. (Colorado)
Just as described

I was very pleased with the purchase. The quality is great and the customer service was excellent. I made a special request and even though I did not receive an email response, I received exactly what I asked for. I would definitely recommend this company. Within the first hour we filled up the bird bath, we had a deer visit for a quick drink.

Wendy F.
Love this stone!

What a beautiful stone. I wanted a light colored stone and was sent exactly what I wanted. For now, it’s on my back deck and the birds love it (so does my dog).
My son, who is an RN at a trauma hospital saw it and said it was shaped like a bed pan! I had to laugh, because it really is. I like it even better because it now makes me think of my son too. Happy birds, happy dog and funny son.

Elizabeth D.
Mom loves it!

I just delivered this gift to mom in VA. She’s 86 so we like that she can easily move this around or take in. Birds haven’t found it yet, but she set it on her deck rail outside the kitchen window where she enjoys her morning coffee … and now she can enjoy the birds too! Great gift!

Rebecca W.
Very Nice Addition to my Yard

My river stone bird bath arrived promptly and looks lovely in my yard.

Lori C. (California)
A Lovely Addition to My Garden!

Love how it naturally fits into my garden! I have placed it under another bird bath that is fed by my drip system and the overflow feeds the stone bird bath. It also feeds the squirrels and other critters that visit my yard. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase!

Sally K. (Texas)
Beautiful Natural Garden Element

I received my stone bird bath - it is lovely. Just as I expected. I’ve been moving it about the garden to find just the right spot. It seems the toad(s) likes it as well! My order arrived quite promptly,and in good condition. This would make a lovely gift for any gardener or nature lover.