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Larger Than Usual Handmade Natural Riverstone Birdbath


Regular price $169.99

Every once in a while, a stone comes along that is begging for a bigger bowl. This is the place they come. These hold quite a bit more water than the $99 birdbaths and they are heavier, (most over twenty pounds)

You just might enjoy these riverstone birdbaths more than your birds will! The shallow pools are perfect for birds to drink from and bathe in. The stones are beautiful, one-of-a-kind river rocks carved by nature and are a great addition to your garden, yard, patio or balcony. They make great gifts for your bird friends, your people friends, or yourself ; )

  • Delivery time is currently 1 to 3 Days
  • Handmade in New Hampshire by sculptor Steve Green
  • Measures approximately 12+" Long x 10+" Wide x 3" H
  • Includes the birdbath/bowl with extra small stones, as shown in the photos to level it out if needed
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor decor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Mike W. (Virginia)

Really a beautiful stone birdbath. Perfectly done.

Brad C. (California)

I love my bird bath. fit in nicely in the branches of a maple tree. I placed it right before a rain that filled it beautifully to the rim. Came with two small smooth stones for the birds to land that also look beautiful in the bath

Rebecca K.
Beautiful and functional addition to garden

This natural stone birdbath is a beautiful, functional, and long lasting piece of art! Gold finches are loving it.

Andrew F. (Ohio)
Unique Bird Bath

Unique looking stone for our patio wall ‚ÄĒ that the birds can enjoy. Great customer service and fast shipping.

Susan R.E.G. (Georgia)

My bird bath arrived safe & sound. It is a unique triangular shape with gorgeous river stone color variations. So far I haven't found the perfect spot for it, but know my large variety of bird species will love cooling off in it and having a nice drink.

Linda P. (Oregon)

I love these stone bird baths and the bird and squirrels that visit me gravitate to them instantly - I have a small and a large one and love them both! Photos are from my new large stone.

Lauren M. (Colorado)
Timeless and natural

I love how this stone blends in naturally in my garden. It looks as though it was naturally built into my landscape. Also I have already seen some birds enjoy water from this gorgeously designed bath. I am considering buying more and would recommend to anyone looking for a truly natural and timeless piece to bring tranquility and more birds into your yard

Sharon S. (North Carolina)

I wanted a birdbath that was not the typical concrete bowl on a pedestal. This is natural stone and looks perfect under our cherry tree. I can't wait to watch the birds and other critters visit for a sip or a dip. Delivery was so quick!!!

Gail H. (California)
I Love It

Such a beautiful birdbath. It is perfect for my yard and the smaller birds are already enjoying it. My birdbath arrived very quickly. I would highly recommend Dances with Stone.

Sarah J. (California)
Exactly what I was searching for

I have been looking for a birdbath for a long time. I did not want a pedestal (it WOULD be knocked over by pets); nor did I want one of the ubiquitous concrete or synthetic material birdbaths readily available (ugly, cheap, short-lived). I wanted something natural for the beauty, the longevity, the fit to my garden and the ground-level suitability for wild birds, chickens, dog and cats. I was actually thinking of carving my own from lava tube flow or stone, but how? And then I saw your site and your product and was stoked that you had EXACTLY what I wanted ‚ÄĒ gorgeous, simple, made in the USA, from natural materials. It arrived quickly and in good shape. I hope to be able to afford a bigger one in the future. And I would definitely consider a solar fountain for it if you carried a good one. (There are lots of those on the market, too. Help finding a good one would be awesome.) Thanks.