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Handmade Natural Riverstone Bird Bath for Balcony, Patio, Garden or Yard

Dances With Stone

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You just might enjoy this riverstone birdbath more than your birds! The shallow pool is perfect for birds to drink and bathe. Each stone used to make a birdbath is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind river rock carved by nature and handmade right here in New Hampshire. This listing is for one (1) birdbath which measures approximately 9-11”L x 7-10”W x 2-4” H.

A stone bird bath is a great addition to your garden, yard, patio or balcony. It will make a great gift for your bird friends, your people friends, or even yourself. ; )

Due to the uniqueness of every stone, each birdbath varies in shape, size and color. Your birdbath will be similar to what is pictured in this listing. Stone can be heavy. If you have lifting restrictions and need a lighter stone, please let us know in the special instructions found in the CART. If you are looking for something special, or have a favorite, please let us know in the notes found in the CART. We are happy to pick a stone just for you!

So here's the thing with the two small stones you'll get in the box, they are shims to help find the sweet spot where the bath holds the most water. Together with the bath, they act as a tripod of sorts, very adjustable, and flexible for any hard surface. Put the stone down, put the shims under, put water in, adjust shims, put a little more water in, adjust, add, adjust, add, and done.

  • Delivery time is currently 1 - 3 Days
  • Handmade in New Hampshire by sculptor Steve Green
  • Measures approximately 9-11" L x 7-10" W x 2-4" H
  • Includes one (1) birdbath with two small stones to help level it if needed
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor decor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 201 reviews
Lori C. (California)
A Lovely Addition to My Garden!

Love how it naturally fits into my garden! I have placed it under another bird bath that is fed by my drip system and the overflow feeds the stone bird bath. It also feeds the squirrels and other critters that visit my yard. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase!

Sally K. (Texas)
Beautiful Natural Garden Element

I received my stone bird bath - it is lovely. Just as I expected. I’ve been moving it about the garden to find just the right spot. It seems the toad(s) likes it as well! My order arrived quite promptly,and in good condition. This would make a lovely gift for any gardener or nature lover.

Linda P. (Oregon)

I love it - I just put it out today so I can't say if it will be used but I am sure it will - it is even better than I expected! Update! Just saw a squirrel using it - yay! I feed them too so they are more than welcome to use it.

Susan C. (Pennsylvania)
Love it!

Just beautiful! I LOVE stones and utilize them throughout my landscaping. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have it! A lot of work goes into creating these wonderful water sanctuaries for our wildlife and they’re well worth the cost! I feel I really need to order another 😊

Barbara (New Hampshire)
The Sweetest Little Birdbath Ever!

I was searching for a birdbath and they were all so clunky and typical looking. And then I happened upon Dances With Stones. The name of the company itself drew me in and I loved what I saw. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I asked for a birdbath more roundish than oval and with a pinkish hue if possible and that's exactly what I received! It's perfect, especially for a rockhound like myself. The shipping was crazy fast and I was happy to be supporting a fellow New Hampshire artist. :)

Leigh L.M. (Florida)

This birdbath is exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful stone with perfect basin. You can tell from the droppings that the birds love it too.

Pam H. (Virginia)
Just as I’d hoped

This small stone bird bath is exactly what I wanted. I have a large water feature with moving water that some birds are skittish of. I added this stone bath along side as an alternative area for birds to drink or bath. The bath arrived very quickly and was packed so that there was no damage at all. I love that it looks so natural! Highly recommended

Cindy P. (Illinois)
Five Stars

Love it, and it’s perfect for my front porch. Product is just as advertised, and while I didn’t need to reach out to their customer service, they provided very good service contact information.

Anonymous (Michigan)
Love this company!

Great experience with this company..great product!
Love my stone bowl so much and the shipping was very fast!
Great product💐

Jess C. (New York)
Beautiful One of a Kind Bird Bath

I purchased the 9-11”L x 7-10”W x 2-4” H size for my garden. It's a beautiful natural addition to my rustic perennial garden. Looking forward to enjoying it for many years - and looking forward to watching my feathered friends, chipmunks and squirrels enjoy. I was also happy that there were items in stock - so it only took a couple of days to receive it. Thank you.